Saturday, November 8, 2014

the cat creature (1973)

A tv homage to the black and white creature features starts with a car driving up to a large house, welcomed by a cat meowing.
Later a shop assistant walks home through a dark alley, and a black cat gives her a scare, when it knocks over some garbage. The girl takes pity on the kitty and takes it home to feed. But once there she finds the cat is less friendly, hypnotising her into committing suicide.
Cats feature again when the assistant's replacement is frightened by a bunch of cats yowling in the window of a pet shop. Hmm, why don't cats seem to like this woman?
So its nearing the end of the film, and a killer cat has offed a number of people all known to the shop assistant. Handily a Professor with knowledge of Egyptian cat gods is there to protect the girl, but she becomes scared when a ginger cat pops in to say hello. Then he then brings round some of his mates, who seem eager to use her as a scratching post!

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