Saturday, April 9, 2016

dr crippin (1962)

Dr Crippin enters the kitchen to see a cat mooching left-overs off some plates on the kitchen table. Being a wise cat, on spotting Crippin the cat makes itself scarce.

nurse on wheels (1963)

"Camouflaged puss" is tripped over by the district nurse, who is chastised for doing so. Later he gives a confirming meow when someone states she is a great nurse.

a place to go (1964)

Rita Tushingham is given a canary, and chooses to release it. It promptly lands on a rooftop and comes to the attention of the neighbourhood Tom...but manages to escape when he pounces.

spectre (2015)

Blofeld's cat makes a reappearance, as it watches the torture begin with measured distain.

the last witch hunter (2015)

A witch's familiar bolts through a door as it is opened, giving a hint that all is not right.

the hateful eight (2015)

A friendly and inquisitive cat living in a stagecoach station, proves its not daft as it makes itself scarce when the action starts. Bullets and cats just don't mix.

boccaccio '70 (1962)

Matise & Monet.
Romy Schneider has a thing about kittens, and has a number of them, including Matise and Monet, that she plays with whilst living in a hotel.