Wednesday, December 17, 2014

inside llewyn davis (2013)

A man struggles to make it as a folk musician in 1961 Greenwich Village. We meet him for the first time sleeping on a friends sofa, and woken by the man's cat, who when Llewyn leaves escapes, forcing Llewyn to look after it for a few days, causing him not a little inconvenience in the process.

the rite (2011)

A troubled novice has doubts about his faith and becoming a priest. He is advised to visit someone who will show him the way. When he arrives he sees a number of cats, and is greeted with "welcome to Rome, it is infested with cats."
From then on cats appear fleetingly to the priest as he fights a demon.

passport to pimlico (1949)

A young couple are about to kiss when disturbed by two cats scooting across a nearby roof.