Friday, December 13, 2013

trauma (1978)

Italian crime drama, which follows a police inspectors murder hunt. At home, the inspector has a cat, who likes to ride on his shoulders.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

the lone ranger (2013)

The Lone Ranger quizzes the owner of a saloon, who tells him she has lost her cat. A cat he subsequently finds, and tries to return.

black cobra (1987)

"I hope this is important, I left my cat at home, and he's alone!"
Robert Malone (Fred Williamson) is a maverick cop, who delivers swift, harsh, justice. But he also has a soft side, by the name of Pervis, and we soon find out who runs this house, as Pervis forces Malone to try and trick him into eating cat food from a blue tin, as he only eats the red cat food brand. Black and White, Crime Drama,

eve and the handyman (1961)

The mysterious Eve is seen throughout the film following the handyman, and nearing its conclusion it inter-cuts a close up of her face, with that of a cat, as if trying to tell us something about her character?

assignment terror (1970)

A woman who assists a fairground hawker sits stroking a cat in a mysterious fashion, as a couple of aliens determine whether they should use her to attract scientists to their diabolical scheme to take over the world.

cloak and dagger (1946)

A wartime espionage thriller. When a spy has to stay at a woman's house overnight, they hear the plaintive cries of a hungry cat. He asks if she has any food for the cat, but she complains that there are hungry children that deserve food more. Eventually she snaps and brings the cat in, dumping it into his lap, 'I hope she has fleas!'