Wednesday, January 18, 2012

shadow of the vampire (2000)

Dramatisation of the making of the 1922 silent classic Nosferatu. The movie opens on Murnau directing a contented Anna playing with her pet cat, an idylic scene before the horrors to come.

nosferatu (1922)

The classic vampire film opens on the idylic couple at the centre of the story. Jonathan smells the flowers in the garden, whilst Nina plays with their pet cat.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

the legend of hell house (1973)

A haunted house tale, where at one point a black cat starts to stalk around the house, and inevitably getting involved in a cat fight with one of the psychic researchers. As usual it ends badly for the kitty as it is found later dead in a shower.

viy (1967)

Two black cats are scared and run off when a witch flies in by using a monk rather than a broom stick, in this Russian folktale based horror.

Later another five cats are seen running through a church for no apparent reason.

the brothers grimm (2005)

The brothers travel Germany conning villagers out of their money performing fake exorcisms and vanquishing non-existant witches. Then they get involved in a real horror story, when forced by the French to help them. A kitten bobs in during a torture scene, the head torturer unwittingly killing it. And another kitten dies in the name of entertainment.

diva (1981)

French arthouse film, about a young man's love for an opera singer, and the trouble he gets into when he tapes one of her shows. Having found his apartment trashed he hides out at a friends house. The friend has a noisy cat, which he attempts to feed whilst they talk, though the cat looks less than interested in the food profered.