Wednesday, April 25, 2012

the karate killers (1967)

The men from UNCLE search for four sisters, each with a part of a clue to a secret formula. One of the sisters turns up in London, working as a go-go dancer, and temporarily without a home has brought all her possessions to the club, including her pet cat, living a disgruntled life in a bird cage.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

cecil b demented (2000)

Cecil sets out to take back cinema from the inane, returning it to the auteurs and risk takers, by kidnapping one if its main stars Honey Whitlock. Nearing the finale of the film, the gang visit a drive in, which is showing a Whitlock marathon, as they walk through the cars we can see her on screen with a cat.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

license to kill (1989)

M meets James Bond at the Hemingway House in Key West, to tell him that his license is revoked. Obviously M thinks the blow will be lessened by the presence of lots of the descendants of Ernest Hemingway's cats.

jungle 2 jungle (1997)

Michael Cromwell (Tim Allen) finds out he has a teenage son, a son that has spent his entire life living as a native in the Amazon jungle. So he decides to bond by bringing him back to New York to meet his fiance and her cat. A cat that the son decides would make a mighty fine meal! As he argues 'Cat's job feed people.'

the spiderwick chronicles (2008)

Mr Tibbs.
Ginger cat owned by one of the kids appears from time to time throughout the film, and specialises in looking uncomfortable when being held.

the mummy (1999)

The one thing that the reincarnated high priest Imhotep fears is cats, as 'cats are the guardians of the underworld'. So when one appears playing the piano, it saves the heroes from being sucked dry, well for now... If I knew that, well I'd keep a cat handy, unfortunately no one seems to think that having a cat around would be helpful, and cute!

rooster cogburn (1975)

General Sterling Price.
John Wayne reprises his role as Cogburn, and so does General Price, who now has a taste for Cogburn's beer, 'drunken cat!'

elvira's haunted hills (2001)

When Elvira arrives at a creepy castle, she is told to remove her shoes. In doing so she manages to roll a rocking chair onto a black cat's tail. Safe to say the cat is not impressed.