Saturday, June 12, 2010

hausu (1977)

A young girl Oshare takes some friends, and her newly adopted cat, to her aunt's house in the countryside, unaware that her aunt is dead, the house haunted, and covered with pictures of white cats. Cue mayhem, including a white cat painting vomiting blood!

the uncanny (1977)

Wilbur Gray (Peter Cushing), believes that cats are evil and tells a book publisher,
(who happens to dote on a cat named Sugar), a number of stories to persuade him. First we have a maid killing her mistress, for her will, but her cats decide the maid will not get away with it.

Second we have an orphaned girl made to give up her pet cat by her wicked aunt. The girl then avenges her cat using black magic.

The third story has a Hollywood actor killing his wife so he can replace her with his mistress. Unfortunately the wife's cat doesn't like this new arrangement, especially after he gets rid of her kittens. Having told his stories Wilbur leaves, but you know that cats won't like him letting the cat out of the bag, as it where, and yes he comes to a sticky end...

boondock saints (1999)

Fraternal twins Conner and Murphey MacMannus believe they have a mission from God to rid Boston of crime. In one scene a man slams his hands down onto a table in frustration, unfortunately there is a cat sat peacefully on the table next to a loaded pistol...guess the result...yep one less mouse chaser in Boston!

babe (1995)

Babe is a pig, who is befriended by a sheep-dog, and learns to follow in her paws and become the first sheep-pig. His nemesis in the house is the pampered and spoiled Persian cat.

the witches (1990)

A boy stumbles on a witches covern and is turned into a mouse for his pains. A mouse that the head witch is determined to get hold of, as is her familiar, a black cat.

apartment zero (1988)

Jack Carney (Hart Bochner) is a wolf in sheep's clothing, able to charm the residents of an apartment block, whilst having a capacity towards evil. At one point he rescues a cat, endearing him to two old ladies.

the long goodbye (1973)

Detective Philip Marlowe (Elliot Gould) has a very fussy cat. In the opening scene we see him unsuccessfully trying to buy a certain brand of cat food. Once home he then tries to fool the cat, but its no fool and turns its nose up at the inferior brand and waltzes off.

the man with two brains (1983)

Steve Martin is a world famous brain surgeon who gets involved with a patient. Whilst performing surgery on her a cat jumps onto the patient!

the wrong box (1966)

Tiger. Mervin. Unknown.
Peter Sellers' memorable cameo as the doddery Dr Pratt surrounded by cats, or staff as he calls them. As he wanders his surgery, he dries his hands on one, and blots a document with another. Meanwhile others sit and watch, fall off shelves or pop out of drawers when opened.
"Don't sit on that moggy sir, she is the finest ratter in the East End."

sleepwalkers (1992)

Clovis / Unknown.
Many cats battle shape-shifting creatures who prey on young women, led by Clovis, real name Sparks.

cat's eye (1985)

Sebastian / General.
Film links three disparate stories by using a stray cat, who in the first is caught and given shocks in a lab. In the second story it is taken in and given the name Sebastian. In the third the cat becomes part of a family and confronts an evil troll intent on killing the daughter, and saves the day.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

black christmas (1974)

White long haired cat, living in a sorority house stalked by a serial killer.