Sunday, March 29, 2015

bill and ted’s excellent adventure (1989)

Time travel epic, that features a cat cameo. Using a phone booth, the occupants return from their journey, nearly squashing a kitty when they land. Fortunately its fleet of foot, and legs it just before the booth lands, preventing a catastrophe.

enemy of the state (1998)

Robert Clayton Dean (Will Smith) is a successful lawyer who accidentally gets on the wrong side of the National Security Agency. He enlists the help of a former operative, and his tag a long cat. Wherever they go, the cat goes too.
But before we meet the ever calm Babe, we are treated to a glimpse of another cat, which departs in a blur when startled when a man bursts into a restaurant kitchen. Maybe he thought the man was a health inspector, as I'm sure cats are not meant to loiter in commercial kitchens!

spy hard (1996)

Dick Steel, ace spy, is captured and whilst being interrogated has all his weapons taken off him, including a cute fluffy white kitten.

frankenstein (1931)

"You stay an play with the kitty." The last words spoken by a father to his daughter, when he leaves for work. How was he to know that Frankenstein's monster would try and teach the child to swim shortly afterwards.

werewolves on wheels (1971)

A motorcycle gang gets mixed up with a satanic cult of monks, and how do we find out that these reclusive monks are devil worshipers? Well, because one sacrifices his familiar, a black cat.