Sunday, December 22, 2013

death smiles on a murderer (1973)

A bizarre mix of horror and suspense, this Italian film sees a husband and wife both fall for a woman they have taken in whilst she has amnesia. When the wife gets jealous and locks the girl in the cellar, telling the husband the girl has left, a cat looks on impassively.
The cat lazes around in a number of scenes, before it is used to attack a man towards the end of the film. This makes a change, as usually the man would be killing the cat!

the fifth cord (1971)

Woman sits up in bed listening to some classical music, as her cat watched on impassively. So you know somethings going to happen shortly to disturb the peace.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

the seducers (1977)

A family cat watches a happy couple play crochet. Later as two disturbed young women mentally and physically abuse the male of the couple, one toys with the cat, and eventually throws it through the window.

Friday, December 13, 2013

trauma (1978)

Italian crime drama, which follows a police inspectors murder hunt. At home, the inspector has a cat, who likes to ride on his shoulders.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

the lone ranger (2013)

The Lone Ranger quizzes the owner of a saloon, who tells him she has lost her cat. A cat he subsequently finds, and tries to return.

black cobra (1987)

"I hope this is important, I left my cat at home, and he's alone!"
Robert Malone (Fred Williamson) is a maverick cop, who delivers swift, harsh, justice. But he also has a soft side, by the name of Pervis, and we soon find out who runs this house, as Pervis forces Malone to try and trick him into eating cat food from a blue tin, as he only eats the red cat food brand. Black and White, Crime Drama,

eve and the handyman (1961)

The mysterious Eve is seen throughout the film following the handyman, and nearing its conclusion it inter-cuts a close up of her face, with that of a cat, as if trying to tell us something about her character?

assignment terror (1970)

A woman who assists a fairground hawker sits stroking a cat in a mysterious fashion, as a couple of aliens determine whether they should use her to attract scientists to their diabolical scheme to take over the world.

cloak and dagger (1946)

A wartime espionage thriller. When a spy has to stay at a woman's house overnight, they hear the plaintive cries of a hungry cat. He asks if she has any food for the cat, but she complains that there are hungry children that deserve food more. Eventually she snaps and brings the cat in, dumping it into his lap, 'I hope she has fleas!'

Sunday, November 24, 2013

warlords of atlantis (1978)

Ships cat laps up some attention from the Captain, but rapidly makes off when the Captain and crew are attacked by a giant octopus.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

friday the thirteenth (1933)

A young woman talks to her boyfriend as she holds her pet cat.

miracle in soho (1957)

Mike takes a fancy to Julie, who works in a pet shop, and he swings by one day as she takes two kittens out of the window display to put them to bed for the night.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

sherlock holmes faces death (1943)

The shifty looking butler is seen picking up and escorting a cat out of a room. Suspicious behaviour if ever I saw some!

the iceman (2012)

Crime drama about a hit-man associated with certain Italian American interests. During one scene, he is seen mixing cyanide into some sandwiches, and tests out his recipe on a passing cat, who fortunately doesn't loose all its nine lives at once, and gives the killer his first clue that there is something wrong.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

hot tub time machine (2010)

Some pals turn up at a ski lodge, and immediately know something is wrong. 'What's that smell?' Turns out to be cats, and a bunch of them skitter across the lobby floor.

cats eye (1985)

Portmanteau of horror stories by Stephen King, all featuring the same cat, and thus a must for any cat lover to see.
Later the cat gets sent to an animal charity, unfortunately for him, it's one that kills the animals if they cannot rehome them. Fortunately, he has a plan to get out, but whilst there we also get to meet some kittens.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

taste the blood of dracula (1970)

Three Victorian gentlemen pretend to be involved with charitable works, whilst really indulging their every whim in a brothel. One that seems to have a resident cat.

night of the living dead 3d: re-animation (2012)

A man reminisces and watches his father in a home movie, where he stops and strokes a cat.

night of the templar (2012)

Revenge thriller/horror, enlivened by a brief cameo of a black cat, for no apparent reason, other than they wanted to!

Monday, October 7, 2013

the crimes of the black cat (1972)

A serial killer uses a black cat, with its claws dipped in curare to actually do the killing. Let's hope the cat never licks its paws, or it's goodnight cat!
Later the killer, feeling the noose tightening enters a pet shop and terrorises some of the animals, including a silver tabby, that is not amused at her antics.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

vampire over london (1952)

The shop cat is scared out of one of its nine lives when a robot starts up, causing it to jump out of the window! Old Mother Riley's response is to complain "Tiger, stop playing with that mouse!"

secrets of a door-to-door salesman (1973)

Lame sex comedy, which starts with the hero in bed and being interrupted by the woman's pet cat, who is less than happy to have its nap disturbed!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

gone to earth (1950)

A beautiful, animal-loving Gypsy is hotly desired by a fox-hunting squire. He pursues her, whilst she sings and strokes a cat, who laps up the attention patiently.

hairspray (2007)

Amber Von Tussle and her mother scheme to get a boy away from the clutches of the heroine Tracy Turnblat. All the while, the mother strokes her pampered cat, who meows to remind her who is boss.

uncle buck (1989)

Uncle Buck is forced to look after his estranged nieces and nephew, when his brother has to leave town urgently. His knowledge of the family becomes evident when he struggles to bring in the family cat.
'Who let the cat out?'
'We don't have a cat!'
'Go on get out.'
Out goes one disgruntled cat.

the challenge (1982)

A down on his luck boxer is employed to courier an ancient sword to Japan. At one point it all becomes too much for him, and he runs off into the night, to be scared by the ubiquitous cat scavenging in the bins!

the velvet vampire (1971)

Woman wakes following her escape from the clutches of a vampire, to find a friend sat watching her, stroking a cat...a sure sign he's not what he seems...

jack the giant slayer (2013)

Jack's farm cat, that looks positively disproving at Jacks attempts to save his father's farm.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

kick-ass (2010)

Mr. Bitey.
A poster for a missing cat, sends our superhero on the hunt for the lost feline. He accidentally comes across the cat sat on a gantry, but when our hero tries to rescue Bitey, obviously the cat ignores him.

sampson in king solomon's mines (1964)

Usurped prince of an African kingdom plays with a lion cub, which looks indignant whilst he is doing so.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

faces in the dark (1960)

A businessman and inventor goes blind following a lab accident, and is taken to his country house to recuperate, but all is not as it seems. The first clue being the village shop cat. When told the cat is Sally, he immediately notices that it is not Sally, as this cat is missing its tail!
Later the cat turns up in the bedroom, playing with an electrical cord. 'Only cats and blind men can see in the dark.'

explorers (1985)

Cat is unfortunate enough to live with a geeky kid, who invents a craft that can travel through solid matter...and when it wrecks the house, they blame the cat!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

the deadly spawn (1983)

A small meteor crash lands in upstate New Jersey, bringing with it an Alien intent on chomping any human it can find. Hiding in the basement of a house where the family have a cat.

dark skies (2013)

A family experiences unexplained phenomenon, and come to believe that it may be aliens. They seek out the help of someone who has been through this previously, and visit his apartment, which is inhabited by many cats, some of them feisty, as one lashes out when a the husband tries to move it from its spot on the sofa.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

les miserables (2012)

A comic song about a landlord, his wife and there thieving ways, includes a verse about what dubious meats make it into their food. Including the tail of a cat that has the misfortune to be sitting near by.

argo (2012)

As someone explains who the six people are who have taken refuge in the Canadian Embassy in Iran, we are shown grainy super-8 footage of them, including a woman holding a cat.

zero dark thirty (2012)

A high level al quida official is driving into an American army base in Afghanistan as a black cat wanders across the street in front of the car.

cloud atlas (2013)

When a boy is caught in bed with a girl by her parents, the only thing he can find to protect his modesty is her cat. Unfortunately for him, the cat doesn't appreciate being used as a codpiece and decides to let his feelings known, with all 20 claws, straight to the parts no man wants a cat to toy with!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

perfect creature (2009)

A steam punk version of the world, which has Vampires co-existing with humans. To show the vampire's heightened senses there is no better way, than to have them look off into the distance, and then cut to shots of a cat cleaning itself!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

killer joe (2012)

Black cat occasionally trots through a trailer park, just doing its rounds.

carry on loving (1970)

Cooking Fat.
A woman brings her boyfriend round to her new apartment, and chides the porter's cat that has found its way in, and made itself comfortable. Unfortunately for the cat, she's not willing to share the flat with the feline, and out it goes. She says the cat is called 'Cooking fat'!

the three worlds of gulliver (1960)

When a conniving wizard plots to prove Gulliver is a witch, by using some chemistry, Gulliver turns the tables, and dyes the sorcerer's hair, and his cat's, red.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

dinner for schmucks (2010)

Believing his girlfriend is having an affair with artist Kieran, our hero's idiot friend breaks into Kieran's apartment, and is confronted by the man's cat. A cat who is none too happy that someone is stalking around his domain.

Friday, March 8, 2013

the princess Diaries (2001)

Fat Louie.
A geeky girl finds out she is not the loser she thinks she is, but a European Princess, who happens to own a cat. The cat appears throughout the film, doing cat things - mainly sitting and watching the action.

cat in the cage (1978)

A man returns from hospital, to find his cat there to welcome him. He's told that the cat scratched his new step-mother, and was given away as a result. But he found his way back home and he and his master spend the film tormenting this woman.

Monday, February 25, 2013

13 frightened girls (1963)

aka The Candy Web
Heroine of the story tries to get the attention of a CIA operative she loves by engaging in some freelance espionage work under the codename of “Kitten” (after her cat).