Thursday, March 3, 2011

irma vep (1996)

Deconstruction of the film making process, set around a remake of Les Vampires, a classic French silent film. At one point a new director is appointed to the film, and we see him asleep whilst supposedly watching the original on TV, a cat meowing next to him. Well the back of its head anyway.

Batman (1966)

Catwoman (Lee Meriwether), camps it up with a coterie of kittens in attendance. Well a few disinterested black cats!

i'm a cyborg, but that's ok (2006)

A quirky South Korean romantic comedy set in a mental hospital. At one point a sleeping cat is startled by a mental patient, who has a compulsion to apologise for everything, even if wasn't his fault. The cat feigning nonchalance then sets about having a scratch, before being chased off by another patient. All the cat wanted to do was sleep in the sun!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dr. Cyclops (1940)

Satanas. Unknown.
Cat, owned by Dr Cyclops, that likes nothing better than to toy with small creatures. Unfortunately for the scientists who are visiting the Dr, that is their fate, as he shrinks them. Satanas tries to get them, but the scientists manage to get away.

Later, back to normal size, and back in civilisation, the scientists meet another cat, and have great delight in making it scat.

halloween III: season of the witch (1982)

Horror centered on a manufacturer in a midwest town called Santa Mira. So controlling is the company, it has a curfew, and even the moggies are brought inside.

Later we are given another demonstration of their control of the town, as a stray white cat is watched by their CCTV.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

a bucket of blood (1959)

Walter wants to be an artist, and buys some clay to try and sculpt something. Meanwhile Frankie, the landlady's cat gets itself trapped in the wallspace. In an attempt to get him out, Walter accidentally kills it.

He then comes up with the bright idea to cover this up by covering the cat in clay and pretending he sculpted it.

cat's cradle (1959)

A short experimental film, which uses images of domesticity and fast cutting, all bathed in the warmth of red light. A black cat features prominently.
‘Sexual witchcraft involving two couples and a ‘medium’ cat.’ - Stan Brakhage: Director.

dune (1984)

Futuristic sci-fi, where a cat is used as part of a sophisticated torture device. The human is told he has to milk the cat to obtain an antidote to a poison within his system, on a daily basis. The cat, clamped within a cage, does not look happy at this prospect, and who can blame it!

carry On constable (1960)

Charles Hawtrey (as Constable Gorse) is called to rescue a cat that has got stuck in a church bell tower. Sensibly the cat finds its own way down when confronted with the incompetent policeman. Well cats aren't stupid, (well some aren't)!

Robinson Crusoe (1954)

crusoe surveys his newly constructed farm and puzzles over how the ships cat he rescued has given birth to a litter of kittens when no other cats are on the island!
Adventure, Black, Tabby,

towering inferno (1974)

Family cat that is living in the appartment block that goes up in smoke. Fortunately there is a security guard on hand to save her from the flames, which is more than can be said for her owner, who perishes. But then she did forget to rescue the cat herself, so no sympathy there!

a view to a kill (1985)

James Bond helps a damsel in distress, in the only way he knows how. Meanwhile the damsel's cat views events dispassionately.

grey gardens (2009)

Buster. Whiskers. Unknown.
Drama based on the lives of Edith Bouvier Beale and her daughter Edie, aunt and first cousin of Jackie Onassis. New York socialites who had everything, but as the Edies' grip on reality wains, so does their social standing. Until they end up on their own living in squallor with a multitude of cats in their sprawling mansion in the Hamptons.

It is during these scenes that we get a multitude of cat sightings, from large toms, to small kittens.

Whiskers arrives back a the house, after an night on the town.

grey gardens (1975)

Kitty. Unknown.
Documentary about the reclusive and eccentric Edith Bouvier Beale and her daughter Edie.

They live in squallor with their multitude of cats, in a sprawling mansion in the Hamptons.

factory girl (2006)

Biopic of Edie Sedgwick whilst at Andy Warhol's factory. Andy's mother was known to be a cat lover, and during a scene at his house a cat wanders in from the kitchen.