Sunday, April 27, 2014

withnail and i (1987)

Withnail and Marwood, go to see Uncle Monty, begging to use his country retreat. In between his recalling of his life as a young actor, Monty chases and berates his cat, calling it a thug, and accusing it of being obsessed with its guts! It meanwhile tries to butter up the two new faces, and has a fair turn of speed when pursued.

terrorgram (1988)

"It's a dead cat!" When an exploitation film director is picked up by two female killers, one rips off his chest wig and throws it out of the car she is driving. Finding out that it is worth $1500, she goes to retrieve it, but brings back a dead cat instead. Fortunately for all concerned, it's an obvious fake, looking more like a black Bagpuss than a real cat!