Thursday, October 24, 2013

hot tub time machine (2010)

Some pals turn up at a ski lodge, and immediately know something is wrong. 'What's that smell?' Turns out to be cats, and a bunch of them skitter across the lobby floor.

cats eye (1985)

Portmanteau of horror stories by Stephen King, all featuring the same cat, and thus a must for any cat lover to see.
Later the cat gets sent to an animal charity, unfortunately for him, it's one that kills the animals if they cannot rehome them. Fortunately, he has a plan to get out, but whilst there we also get to meet some kittens.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

taste the blood of dracula (1970)

Three Victorian gentlemen pretend to be involved with charitable works, whilst really indulging their every whim in a brothel. One that seems to have a resident cat.

night of the living dead 3d: re-animation (2012)

A man reminisces and watches his father in a home movie, where he stops and strokes a cat.

night of the templar (2012)

Revenge thriller/horror, enlivened by a brief cameo of a black cat, for no apparent reason, other than they wanted to!