Saturday, October 9, 2010

night of the hunter (1955)

Expressionistic drama comes to a head when a stand off is interupted by the house cat.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

cats and dogs (2001)

Mr. Tinkles.
The eternal struggle between cats and dogs is played out as an espionage thriller, as cats try and stop a scientist developing an antidote to dog allergies in humans. Its up to an inexperienced dog to help and protect the scientist and his family. Features a number of cleaver felines, including some ninja cats, oh and a few dogs as well.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

where the wild things are (2009)

One of the wild things is seen holding a cat, for a brief moment. No explanation is given, and it is never seen again.

murder at the gallop (1963)

Miss Marple is at hand to see the death of old Mr Enderby, frightened to death by a cat, of which he had a morbid fear. Freeze frame the scary cat scene to see the most comical stuffed cat ever!
Later Mrs Marple goes to see someone who may have vital information, and finds her seemingly fast asleep in a rocking chair with a white cat sat patiently on her lap. Of course, it turns out the women is dead, murdered. Not that the cat seems that upset.

the fly (1958)

Sir Tom? Dandelot?
A pair of factory cats. One is seen at the films begining looking for his girlfriend, who the guard tells him has run away. We later find out that the cat has used to test a teleportation device, which didn't go well for the kitty,with only a disembodied and plaintive meow hinting at her demise.

austin powers: international man of mystery (1997)

Mr. Bigglesworth.
Dr. Evil, a parody of Blofeld, in the James Bond films, has a cat called Mr. Bigglesworth. Bigglesworth starts out as a Persian, but becomes a Sphinx cat after being thawed out from a cryogenic sleep. Mini-Me, Dr. Evil's mascot/Protégé also has a Mini-Bigglesworth (a Sphinx kitten). In reality SGC Belfry Ted Nude-Gent played Bigglesworth, whilst three sphinx kittens Mel Gibskin, Paul Nudeman and Skindiana Jones were cast in the role of Mini-Bigglesworth.

stuart little 2 (2002)

Snowball. Monty.
This time Snowball has welcomed Stuart into the family, and tries to help when a friend of Stuart's ends up in trouble. Also re-appearing is Monty the alley cat, who also pitches in a paw to help.

stuart little (1999)

The pet cat that takes umbridge at the arrival of the upstart Stuart. And whats more, he's a mouse!!! Also appearing are various alley cats of the area who also seem to have taken against the plucky little mouse, who would have thought it!

from russia with love (1963)

Ernst Stavro Blofeld's pet cat. Great for stroking in times of stress, like when you are addressing the world's leaders with a little bit of blackmail.