Saturday, May 28, 2011

the stars look down (1940)

Gritty social realism demanding the nationalisation of the coal mines. Whilst doing so it still finds time to have a cat snuggled up in the wash basket as a woman takes in the laundry, reminding us that no matter how harsh life gets, there us always time to stop and stroke a kitten.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

children of men (2006)

Theo is involved in a meeting, that could decide the fate of the world. So what better way to get distracted than by having a kitten climb up your leg!

bill & ted's bogus journey (1991)

The evil robot Bill and Ted have fun trying to run down some cats. Fortunately the cat in question is too quick for them.

witness (1985)

An Amish child shows his kittens to a hard nosed city cop and he starts to soften. Its hard to be a no-nonesense cop when you're holding a kitten!

Later two cats are seen frolicing on the grass, a prelude to the the harsh things to come, or just two cats doing what they do best - play!
Drama, Tabby, Black,

the italian job (1969)

'I shouldn't do that dear, it gives them ideas.'
Michael Caine and friend try to find out the whereabouts of Prof. Peach from his eccentric sister. To do so they have to sit with two of her cats on their laps. You see nothing says eccentic like an old lady with cats.

the duelists (1977)

Harvey Keitel is a Napoleonic army officer. In one scene the officers idle their time away and he picks up a kitten that another has laid on his chest. This the kitten obviously dislikes and protests. Well who likes being disturbed mid catnap?

specre (2006)

A beautiful young woman moves to a rural Spanish village in the 1950's and is immediately branded a witch, especially as she has a cat...Unfortunately it doesn't end well for the cat, as usual!