Saturday, March 29, 2014

hellzapoppin (1941)

Screwball comedy, where two men attempt to bring a man together with the woman he loves. Mainly by causing chaos, including releasing a cage of cats onto the stage in the middle of a variety show with a dog act, mayhem ensues with the animals fighting like cats and dogs!

dr Jekyll and mr hyde (1931)

Dr Jekyll is sat delighting at the wonder of nature, watching and listening to a bird singing in a tree. Then a cat appears, stalking the bird, and all does not end happily, sending the good Dr into a frenzy and unleashing Mr Hyde.

out of the body (1989)

A man's pet cat is seen throughout the film, often waking its owner with its yowling. Unfortunately at one point when in a trance he tries it, 'The cat, the bloody cat!'. He then delivers the cat back to his ex-wife, 'It's your bloody cat, you have it." He was probably glad to be away from the throttling madman!

the unseen (1980)

A woman asks for help finding a hotel, and a man offers to phone around for her. Once inside his house, a cat jumps onto the table next to the phone, and is pushed off and told to leave. It runs off meowing in disgust. Later the cat makes more appearances, meowing and acting interested whilst its owner has a conversation with his dead father.