Monday, September 22, 2014

the uninvited (1988)

A lab has been experimenting on cats, one of whom manages to escape. After killing a number of security guards, it moves onto not so innocent members of the public, but is then picked up and becomes a ships cat on a yacht, and starts to chow down on the passengers and crew!

the falcon in hollywood (1944)

A Hollywood studio guard keeps his pet cat close to him at all times. Even when trying to prevent members of the public, or in this case private investigators out!

scott of the antarctic (1948)

Old Puss.
Dramatisation of the ill fated Scott expedition to the Antarctic. When the team lands on the ice for the first time, the sailors ask if he will take the ships cat with them, as being black, it will show up on the ice! Fortunately for the cat Scott declines, 'I'm not going to take the luck from the ship!' One lucky escape for one small cat!