Saturday, September 14, 2013

gone to earth (1950)

A beautiful, animal-loving Gypsy is hotly desired by a fox-hunting squire. He pursues her, whilst she sings and strokes a cat, who laps up the attention patiently.

hairspray (2007)

Amber Von Tussle and her mother scheme to get a boy away from the clutches of the heroine Tracy Turnblat. All the while, the mother strokes her pampered cat, who meows to remind her who is boss.

uncle buck (1989)

Uncle Buck is forced to look after his estranged nieces and nephew, when his brother has to leave town urgently. His knowledge of the family becomes evident when he struggles to bring in the family cat.
'Who let the cat out?'
'We don't have a cat!'
'Go on get out.'
Out goes one disgruntled cat.

the challenge (1982)

A down on his luck boxer is employed to courier an ancient sword to Japan. At one point it all becomes too much for him, and he runs off into the night, to be scared by the ubiquitous cat scavenging in the bins!

the velvet vampire (1971)

Woman wakes following her escape from the clutches of a vampire, to find a friend sat watching her, stroking a cat...a sure sign he's not what he seems...

jack the giant slayer (2013)

Jack's farm cat, that looks positively disproving at Jacks attempts to save his father's farm.