Saturday, January 19, 2013

the perfume of the lady in black (1974)

Woman who is suffering from an unknown trauma is scared by the old black cat routine, as a cat suddenly appears as if from nowhere. We later see a neighbor with 'Chopin' complaining that a taxi driver wouldn't let her in his cab with him. With 'Chopin' adding his complaints to the conversation. Later 'Chopin' goes missing and a dead black cat is then given to the central character, who then takes it to a taxidermist.

Later we see another tenant also has a couple of cats, as he feeds them on a stormy night, but what exactly is the meat that they are tucking into, and is that a finger we see on the plate?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Apartment Zero (1988)

Mr Harmon
We are introduced to Mr Harmon sitting on a window ledge, as his owner pleads with someone to rescue him. She claims he is depressed and has 'suicide written all over his face.' A new tenant in the apartment block comes to the rescue and brings the cat down.