Friday, February 21, 2014

madame death (1969)

Mexican horror, featuring a woman who has to replenish her blood with that of innocent young girls to keep her beauty. And what does such a woman have as a pet, why a young lion of course! A youngster who seems to spend his time chewing up the bed sheets!

satan's sabbath (1972)

A journalist investigates a suicide, when his cat is poisoned, by the milk he leaves out for it, and still he doesn't take the hint that there is more going on than he realises.

gun of the black sun (2011)

A girl cuddles her cat, as she wishes her father a good day at work, when a man enters and shoots him! In shock she throws the cat in the air, which calmly lands and saunters off.

kyra, house near the lake (1979)

A woman is investigating the legend of a local witch, and every so often a cat pops up and gives a greeting meow!

Monday, February 17, 2014

phantom ship (1935)

Hammer's take on the mystery of the Marie Celeste, sees a black cat stroll in a carefree manner across the deck. Unrest is building amongst the men, so when the bosun spots it, he attempts to throw the cat over board as bad luck. Fortunately he is stopped, and the cat is the only one to survive the journey.