Saturday, July 3, 2010

la dolce vita (1960)

Sylvia finds a kitten in the streets and is determined to find it some milk. So whilst Marcello looks for some, she decides to use it as a hat, then promptly forgets it when she sees the Trevi fountain!

mallrats (1995)

Jay and Silent Bob taunt some kittens in the window of a pet shop in the mall. 'Bye baby kitties.'

clerks (1994)

Annoying customer.
Shop cat lounges around the local convenience store, whilst customers come and go. His real is name Lenin's Tomb and I have it on good authority he retired to seclusion in New Jersey soon after the films release.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

inferno (1980)

There are three main appearances of cats in this over the top witchy horror. Firstly someone is spooked during a lecture, when a woman sits staring at him with a cat on her lap. Then later a woman is attacked by dozens of cats before being murdered. Lastly a man drowns several cats in a pond and is repaid by being eaten alive by rats.