Saturday, February 13, 2010

the three lives of thomasina (1964)

Set in Scotland in 1912, Andrew MacDhui (Patrick McGoohan) is a standoffish veterinarian, with a seven year old daughter Mary (Karen Dotrice), who owns a cat Thomasina (voiced by Elspeth March). Andrew mistakenly has Thomasina put to sleep following an accident, but the cat survives, (after an out of body trip to see Bast in cat heaven). This rocks Mary's faith in her father. Eventually Thomasina is taken in by "Mad Lori" MacGregor (Susan Hampshire), who nurses her back to health, though Thomasina now remembers nothing of her life with Mary. Will she remember her past life in time to heal the rift between father and daughter and be reunited with Mary? Well it is a Disney film!

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